Sunday, February 18, 2018

WowApp first Messaging App that pays its users up to 8 Levels

World's first Messaging App that pays its users up to 8 Levels

What is WowApp?

WowApp is a FREE Instant Messenger like Skype, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger that works on iPhone, Android, iOS, tablet, Windows and Mac in which you can additionally earn money by watching videos and perform some simple activities.

How to Earn?

WowApp offers 9 different ways to earn money like chatting, play games, lock screen ads, installing apps, online recharge, online shopping, video ads earning, survey income, browse anything on desktop income, etc.

Referral Income

You earn Referral Income Up to 8 - Levels. It is just like MLM Plan.

Level 1     -     10%
Level 2     -     5%
Level 3     -     2.5%
Level 4     -     1.25%
Level 5     -     0.62%
Level 6     -     0.31%
Level 7     -     0.15%
Level 8     -     0.15%

Let me give you an example of the power of this Affiliate Plus program.

Let’s say to start you had 5 friends wanting to try WowApp.  If this was a normal affiliate program you would make about $1 per month from that usage.  Ok not too exciting.  Hey, but at least that is still more than what the other apps are paying you.

Ok but with the Affiliate Plus those 5 also shared it with 5 who shared it with 5 who shared it with 5 to the 8th generation.  That is an incredible 390,625 people that you are being paid commissions on!  Do you see it?

Now even if those people earned you just one penny per month that would be $3,906.25 per month!  So do you see how pennies can add up?

Of course your earnings depend on you and your network of people and not all people will share it with 5 but you might get some that can share it to 1,000.  But if you tell no one and chat with no one you earn nothing.

Earning Passive Income just by using it.

How WowApp earn Money and how can you can earn from that? 

Learn more about this HERE.

How to Signup on WowApp?

1. Firstly Join on WowApp

2. Click on the Join Button.

3. Enter your E-mail Id, Username, Password & Click on Submit.

4. On the next page download the App.

5 . After downloading the App, open the App and Sign in with your registered details.

6. Done! Now you are eligible for share and earn free money.

How To Refer Friends on WowApp?

1. Open the App and Go to > Earning section > Invite a Friend.

2. Go to Menu >> Profile.

3. Then share your Referral code or Referral link with your friends and family.

Earn Unlimited Referral Cash Up to 8 - Levels.

How to Cashout Money?

1. Open the App & Go to > Earning section > Cashout

2. You will get total 5 options for payout your wowapp earnings.

3. Choose your desired mode of payment and fill in the details.

4. You will get your payment within next few working days.

WowApp Review

It is fantastic App for those willing to earn free money for what they are already doing. Currently, it has 1,000,000 users and it spreading like wildfire. WowApp beats Skype's rates by about 5 times and no other messaging app pays their users to use theirs.

This is not a get rich scheme. There are no joining fees or required purchases. Most of the earnings comes in a penny at a time. But, those earnings can add up & just think of all the people that use messaging apps to stay in touch. Your Earnings completely depend on the size of your Network.

In Simple words, The more persons in your Network using WowApp, the more you can Earn.